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A baby milestone session can be done at any age from 6 weeks and up. No matter where your baby is in their development, it is always a special gift to preserve the memory of who they were when they were x months/years old. 

baby Portraits

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Milestone baby photo session

You baby will make enormous changes over the first year of life! With a series of milestone over many months, I set out to capture the essence of their personality, faces they make and habits they have. Do they have a favorite toy or blanket they are attached to? I love to incorporate personal details like this into milestone sessions 

Although it’s most popular with babies 6-24 months, milestone sessions can be used at any age and it’s not just limited to babies and toddlers. 

Make the most of your milestone photo session and add in a small cake with a fun bubble bath. Your baby will love splashing around in our little clawfoot tub.

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