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When your time for newborn and maternity portraits come around, we’re here to help. As a Dallas Newborn Photographer at Little Dimples Portrait Studio, we know you want to mark the beginning of your child’s life with their first photos. To make it happen, you want professional portraits. Sadly, this time period can slip away quickly as newborns mature into toddlers faster than you can say baby.

We believe everyone should preserve these special moments, so we are passionate about creating beautiful portraits. We know the value of being able to look back upon this time in your life when your now baby reaches adulthood one day.

We understand time does not stand still..

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You have approximately 4 weeks from your baby's birth before they outgrow their newborn stage. Four little weeks is all it takes before those squishy newborn features begin to fade as your baby begins to mature. By scheduling a professional newborn photo shoot, you ensure that you have high-quality, beautifully composed images that will last a lifetime. These portraits become cherished keepsakes that you can share with family and friends, and they provide a way to look back and remember how tiny and precious your baby once was. Newborn portraits also make for stunning decor in your home, creating a warm, loving environment filled with the joy of new life. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture this magical time with professional newborn portraits that will be a source of joy for years to come.

You have 4 weeks


Printing and displaying photos from your photo shoot in your home is more than just a way to fill your walls; it's about capturing and celebrating the precious moments and memories that make up your life. Unlike digital files that can be forgotten in the depths of your phone or computer, printed photos bring a tangible, emotional connection to your space. Each time you walk by, you're reminded of the joy, love, and unique moments shared with your loved ones. They become conversation starters, family heirlooms, and daily inspirations. By showcasing your photos, you transform your house into a home filled with warmth and personal history, creating an inviting and intimate atmosphere for both family and guests. Don’t let your memories fade away in digital archives—print them, display them, and cherish them every day.

Why Print?

Art For Your Home

Art For Your Home

Kirsten + Matt

We couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. The entire experience, from the photo session to the final product, exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Jayna to anyone looking to capture the precious moments of their little one's early days. Thank you for creating such beautiful memories for our family!



Erin + michael

We purchased wall canvases, and they turned out stunningly. The quality is top-notch, and they have become cherished pieces in our home. Highly recommend this photographer for anyone looking to beautifully capture their little one's early moments!



Maria + Carlos

Jayna captured our twin daughters' newborn photos beautifully. Every photo is a testament to her incredible skill and attention to detail.  The custom album is exquisite, and the large canvas is a stunning addition to our home. We highly recommend this photographer to anyone wanting to capture and treasure these precious moments!









Once you officially book your session, we always begin our process with a phone or Zoom chat to discuss your ideas, themes, colors, and general hopes for the outcome. After our discussion, I start laying out props and planning the color scheme. On the day of the session, You may opt for our professional makeup artist to get you camera ready and choose a dress from our collection. Next up are the sibling and family photos; this is by design because, after this segment, toddlers may leave with dad or stay for the remainder of the session. Once siblings have had their photos taken, I focus 100% on baby. After the photos are edited, you are invited back to the studio to select your products. When your products are ready, we hand-deliver your orders to your home.

Dear Mom and Dad,

As you assume your new role as a parent, your baby will make 100 changes over the next few months. Hi! I’m Jayna Denbow, owner of Little Dimples Portrait Studio in Wylie, TX.

I am blessed to be a mom of two little people that keep me busy and bring endless amounts of joy to my heart beyond photography. Newborns and babies have always held a special place in my heart, and it is an honor and joy to get to work with so many beautiful families.

But get this... Before you can say, "maternity leave," your baby will be smiling back at you speaking the words “mama” and “dada” for the first time. Those blissful first weeks will be over and all your memories of this beginning will begin to fade into what we call mom fog...

I'm here to help you preserve these precious memories with timeless professional photographs of your little one. These portraits will be forever yours to treasure and one day you will look upon them just to remember how special this first month of life was.

I look forward to meeting you and your little one,

Jayna Denbow 

We specialize in capturing beautiful, artistic photos of newborn babies, highlighting their tiny features and tender moments with their families.

CRAFTING THE MOMENTS that Define Your Memories

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