mckinney newborn photography

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a beginner photographer if you are looking for something to fit your budget. The drawback is that you will have inconsistent results and you may not get what you expect out of your session.


A professional image will be consistent in lighting, beautifully posed and most importantly in focus! As a certified professional photographer I have had extensive training in the newborn genre as well as passing the technical exam and portfolio review set forth by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).


When choosing a newborn photographer, choose carefully. Not all photographers share the same skill level.

Choosing a newborn photographer is like picking the perfect flavor of ice cream – it takes a bit of thought to find the right one! Not all photographers share the same skill level, and you want someone who can handle your tiny bundle of joy with expertise and care. It’s more than just clicking a button; it's about capturing those delicate, fleeting moments that make your heart melt. So, take your time, browse portfolios, read reviews, and find a photographer whose style and experience match your vision. With McKinney newborn photography, you're ensuring that these cherished photos will be treasured for a lifetime. You deserve the very best to capture your little one’s earliest days.


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