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Imagine blindfolding your partner, then covering them head-to-toe in vibrant pink or blue paint to reveal your unborn child’s gender. The suspense builds as the final touches are made, and when the blindfold comes off – surprise! We capture that priceless reaction in a fun, unforgettable photo shoot. It’s a playful and creative way to share the big news, turning an ordinary moment into a splashy celebration. So get ready for some laughter, a bit of mess, and a whole lot of joy as you unveil your baby's gender in the most artistic way possible!

Why settle for a simple gender reveal when you can turn it into a colorful masterpiece?

When should I book my Gender Reveal?

Many parents book gender reveals as their pregnancy announcement. You may do it as early as you like, but we recommend waiting until 2nd trimester. 

Do you offer professional hair and makeup services?

Yes we do! We work with a few local area hair and makeup artists experienced with studio portraiture. You may add on these services with your session fee for an additional $200.

How do we inform you of the baby's gender without knowing first?

We ask that you have your caregiver who determined the baby's sex to write the information on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Bring the envelope with you on the day of your shoot and let us read it for you. We will give you the appropriate color or colors (if it's twins!!)

What should I budget for photography?

Create-A-Collection begins at $1650 and digital-only collections begin at $1350. Building your own collection has its benefits because you buy only what you love! Depending on your choices, you should budget anywhere from 2-6K for a complete collection with an album and digital files.

I just want digital files and don't need any prints. Can I just buy that?

Yes, you may choose a digital only collection rather than Create-A-Collection. You will make your selections and purchase only the ones you love. Begins at $1350.

What do I wear? Will my clothing be ruined?

Yes. This paint will not wash out well and will stain. We suggest wearing something with the intent of not ever wearing it again. Purchase outfits for both yourself and partner in white - such as leggings, loungewear, t-shirts.. We also recommend bringing a change of clothes to change into after your shoot.

Do you provide a video of the experience?

Yes! We believe this is an exciting part of your pregnancy and your reaction deserves to be documented. We offer a complimentary video for social media.

Kirsten + Matt

We couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. The entire experience, from the photo session to the final product, exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Jayna to anyone looking to capture the precious moments of their little one's early days. Thank you for creating such beautiful memories for our family!



Erin + michael

We purchased wall canvases, and they turned out stunningly. The quality is top-notch, and they have become cherished pieces in our home. Highly recommend this photographer for anyone looking to beautifully capture their little one's early moments!



Maria + Carlos

Jayna captured our twin daughters' newborn photos beautifully. Every photo is a testament to her incredible skill and attention to detail.  The custom album is exquisite, and the large canvas is a stunning addition to our home. We highly recommend this photographer to anyone wanting to capture and treasure these precious moments!




How it works

The creative fee is paid at the time of booking your session. If you are booking in advance, this allows you to secure a day in my calendar when you are between 28-34 weeks for a maternity session or 1-2 weeks within your due date for a newborn session. No products or digital files are included in the creative fee. There are 2 options for obtaining prints and digital files; Create-A-Collection OR Digital only. 

* Ideally, we schedule maternity sessions when mom is between 28-34 weeks. Newborn sessions are scheduled according to the due date.

Begins at $50

Step 3

optional step to purchase any gift add-ons.

Digital Only Collection

Don't want anything printed? No problem. Choose our digital only collection. Your images will be delivered in an online gallery for download.

Digital Only

Begins at $1350

To create a printed collection, you must choose 1 item from each category. Step 3 is optional. Create-A-Collection includes both high resolution digital files AND a printed art piece of your choice.


option a


option B

Begins at $700

Step 1

Choose how many digital files for your collection.


Planning and prep for your session

Shooting and editing your session

No digital images included


Begins at $950

Step 2

Choose your art piece from our selection of books, folios or framed wall art

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