Coming up with fresh baby picture ideas and cute toddler pictures are some of my favorite challenges as a professional newborn photographer. Newborn boy photography in particular can have some challenges because it’s easy to get carried away with props. I like to keep colors neutral and ideas simple especially for this baby boy photoshoot. I even got to include his big sister with some newborn sibling photos at the end of the session.

baby boy photoshoot | ©Little Dove Portraits http://ldportraits. net

Sometimes when you try to do toddler pictures with a newborn photoshoot, it can spell chaos! With these two, it was quite the opposite and they were a dream to photograph. My special file of newborn photo ideas I use came in handy to help me pose faster.

I even got to see this little guy’s big sister whom I had the pleasure of photographing when she was a newborn. She was a natural at newborn sibling photos because she knew exactly what to do and loved hugging on her baby brother!

The cutest newborn sibling photos | ©Little Dove Portraits http://ldportraits. net

Newborn boy photography works best when you choose 1 color and roll with it. In this set, I used my favorite hello little backdrops and wraps. I started with the charcoal bonnet set and worked my way from there.

Really cute baby picture ideas | ©Little Dove Portraits

Keeping up with what’s next in newborn photo ideas is something I am constantly working on. This is why I love this space backdrop SO much! It’s another masterpiece from hello little and the little space suit is from Mama Knits. I can always count on the amazing vendors out there to provide the cutest stuff geared for newborn boy photography.

newborn boy photography - little nasa astronaut | ©Little Dove Portraits

Sometimes all you need is an opportunity for a great baby boy photoshoot after a series of girls. I’m a very frou frou type, so it’s natural for me to gravitate towards girlie themes. Doing some newborn boy photography helped me switch gears and prove to myself I can do both well!

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